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Engineering Services for All Phases of Project Detail Design. Feasibility Study, Basic Design and Detail Design

Aryan Tarh Mandegar Company is ready to provide engineering services for all phases of a project including feasibility study, and basic design and Detail design. ATM is ready to provide civil and structure and building engineering services in the phase of conceptual design, basic design and detail design. Also ATM will provide engineering services for other discipline such as piping, process and electrical, instrument by cooperating with his joint ventures company to provide a complete engineering services for his clients.





Structural Civil and Buildings and Architectural Engineering.

Structural Engineering:

- Design and structural calculations for high-rise building: 

- Design of steel structure and concrete building with multistoried and complex architectural shape in high seismic earth quake zone 

- Design of foundation for deep.

- Semi deep or shallow foundation as required

- Rehabilitation design for existing building specially for earthquake requirement consideration.

- Foundation design and calculations of rotary machines (top table and block foundation) for dynamic loads including foundation of compressors Pumps, turbine and Generators and …..

- Foundation Design for fix Equipment, including foundation design for pressure and atmospheric tanks and towers and ….

- Design of structures of pipe rack, Pipe Bridge, industrial platforms, and high rise structures supporting Equipment's and ...

- Structural design of semi industrial building such as ware houses, workshops with large span and heavy cranes

- Design of high-rise residential, office and commercial building structures -Preparing material requisition a shopping list for your request to purchase and related items

- Providing shop drawing for construction


- Climatology and hydrology studies for design of Flood protection system of plant

- Design of Site grading

- Design of surface water drainage system of plant including contaminated and non-contaminated Drainage Systems

- Design of Underground network infrastructure and providing underground composite Drawing -Horizontally and vertically Design of roads and paving -Design of retaining walls and control earth slope stability

- Providing Scope of Work for Geotechnical Study

- Providing Scope of Work for Surveying Study

Buildings and Architectural Engineering:

- Studies Client requirements and provide physical program for buildings

- Providing basic design for buildings with consideration of the requirements of the Client

- Provide a detailed plan with all necessary details for

- Industrial and Semi Industrial buildings such as offices and warehouses and workshops and Control buildings, Laboratory building and …

- Preparation of three-dimensional (3D) models of buildings to help the Client to decide about the shape and layout

- Implementation of BIM for stubble management in buildings as requirements and requested by Client

- Landscaping, Network design for access roads and green space for nonindustrial areas.

- providing document for Hvac and electrical and mechanical system of buildings





Summary Description of the project carried out by the company and senior managers:

- Providing Engineering Documents for Ghaem residential complex (concrete structures with 15-25 stories)

- Providing Engineering Documents for Pakzad residential complex (steel structure with 16 stories) - Providing Engineering Documents for Rehabilitation design for Rasht airport passenger terminal

- Providing Engineering Documents for Rehabilitation design of Abrisham building (20 story existing structure)

- Providing Engineering document for Assaluye phase II tank farm petrochemical plant -Document Review for Bushehr petrochemical complex. -Providing Engineering Document for DMC plant in Gas treatment plant phase 4,5 Assaluye -Providing Engineering Document for DMC plant in Gas treatment plant phase 9,10 Assaluye

- Providing Engineering Document for DMC plant in Gas treatment plant phase 2,3 Assaluye

- Providing Engineering Document and Shop Drawing Document for Oxin Sanat Boiler Workshop plant.

- Providing Engineering Document for new CDU & VDU plant in Lavan island

- Iran Oil Refinery and revamping the existing CDU as structural designer.

- Providing Engineering Document for Oil Refinery Gasoline Production Unit in Esfahan-Iran refinery plant

- Providing Engineering Document Iran LNG Gas treating plant -Basic design of phase 14 Gastreatment plant Asaloyeh South ParsIran( Basic design). -Design review of NGL-3100 Ahvaz-iran.

- Design review of Gas storage project Qom/Saraje-Iran and Gas Storage project Shourijeh (Khorasan-Iran)

- Providing Engineering Document for Sirraf Methanol project in Bandare Daier- iran -Providing Engineering Document for Marjan Methanol project in Damavand petrochemical complex, Asaloyeh ,Iran

- Design review of Export pipe line Yadavaran oil field in Ahvaz Iran with Sinopec Company

- Providing Engineering Document Jahrom LDPE/HDPE production project

- Providing Engineering Document for Steam and power generation plant in Ilam-Iran petrochemical complex

- Providing Engineering Document for power generation plant in AbadanIran refinery complex -Providing Engineering Documents For BANDAR ABBAS

- ESFAHAN (Iran) product pipeline increased throughput project. Including:

- BANDAR ABBAS pump station - MEHRARAN pumps station and oil depot. - RAFSANJAN pumps station and oil depot. - YAZD pumps station and oil depot.

- NAEEN pumps station. - ESFAHAN terminal -Providing Engineering Documents for TOUS open cycle power plant (Khorasan –Iran).

- Providing Engineering Documents Waste water treatment ABADAN refinery plant-Iran - Providing Engineering Documents for Almahdi Aluminum Complex. (Cast house and anode baking) –BandarAbbas _Iran

- Providing Engineering Documents for Ilam petrochemical Complex-Iran.

- Providing Engineering Documents for Hamshahri Newspaper Co. Industrial building –Tehran-Iran

- Providing Engineering Documents Aria phosphoric petrochemical Complex. (Mahshahr, Razi petrochemical Complex)

- Providing Engineering Documents for Pakmaie yeast Company

- Providing Engineering Documents Vian steel Complex (melting and casting)-Hamedan-Iran. Codes and standard are used for different project:

- AISC (ASD) & AISC (LRFD) for steel structure design

- AISC seismic provision for seismic provision and composite structures design.

- ACI for concrete structure design.

- UBC97 for loading and seismic design.

- ASCE07 for loading and seismic design.

- FEMA356 for rehabilitation of existing steel, concrete and masonry structures

- API650 for equipment foundation design and other recommendations in civil design,

- ASHTOO for road and pavement design





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